Corporate Travel
Planning and Management

Track & Manage
Your Spending

WGY uses simple web-based and mobile solutions to help employees control costs and save time. Our systems can be easily adapted to individual employee preferences, and can meet the needs of any company regardless of size.

We’ve also eliminated the need for tracking spending with paper receipts by compiling electronic receipts – from airlines, hotels, and car rental companies – directly into expense reports.

We know it’s important for employees to stay productive while on the go, so our mobile application allows business travelers to keep track of all their travel plans, and even make changes, all from a smartphone.

We help companies keep an eye on every aspect of travel and entertainment spending. This information is designed to make your life easier, and make things like negotiating with vendors, and managing budgets as simple and quick as possible.

Well Connected

It’s always our mission to exceed our clients expectations with stellar customer service and the most competitive rates. We can do this because we’re well connected and in the know. We’re associated with the most recognized institutions in the travel industry, such as ARC, IATA, and ASTA. What makes us different is that we use our expertise to find out the precise program to fit your needs.

How It Works

It’s pretty simple. First we study your account to asses your specific needs. Then we negotiate with airlines on your behalf for the best prices. Finally, we create a lineup of options for you to choose from, so you get the best rates possible.


We know that our clients are always on-the-go, so we have an online booking platform and a mobile app to get things planned as quickly and seamlessly as possible. We can also coordinate the details of any trip you want to use as a employee incentive, or to reward someone important for your business.

Corporate Travel Solutions

  • Automated Monthly T & E Reports
  • Car Rental & Limousine Services
  • Corporate Incentive
  • Online Booking Tools
  • Private Jet Services
  • Upgrades if Available
  • Personal Relation Specialist
  • Last Minute Travel Savings
  • Customized Incentive
  • Savings Over 30% on Travel Expenses Annually
  • Trade Shows Planning & Event Packages
  • 24/7 E-mail and Phone Assistance

Our Clients & Partners


We’d Love to get in touch, with locations in Miami Beach, Sao Paulo, New York, Los Angles, and London, we’re accustomed to being in many places at once. We’re ready to talk regardless of time zone, hemisphere, or continent.

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